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trading strategy
You certainly already know the name Ed Seykota, right? Besides being well-known as a successful commodity trader from the United States, Ed is also known as a teacher and trading mentor who has given birth to many successful traders. However, the success of an Ed is not taken for granted. This man born in 1946 discovered the tips on self-trading forex profit from experience. Indeed, experience is the best teacher ...

Speaking of his trading experience, Ed had failed several times while trading commodities. The failure did not necessarily dampen his intention to continue learning trading. Reflecting on the previous trading evaluation, Ed managed to improve the factors that caused the loss. Until finally, he managed to carve out a very impressive achievement to date, namely developing client funds from USD5,000 to USD15,000,000, or around 300,000% within 12 years.
As a trader plus a successful mentor, Ed Seykota is not only guided by the trading strategy used, but also on several profit trading tips so that his trading activities always produce consistent profits. What are they?1. Don't Hesitate to Cut Loss
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As a trader, you certainly want to know what are the tips for profit trading, so you can benefit from several pairs that are being traded. However, if it turns out that prices do not move according to predictions, even far from estimates and potentially cause more losses, how? In this situation, Ed suggested closing the position manually, also called Cut Loss.

Literally, Cut Loss means cutting (loss) loss (loss). Further, Cut Loss is interpreted as an attempt to prevent further losses.

    You trade GBP / USD, by opening a BUY position at the price level of 1.3100. However, the price turned down to the level of 1.2900, and the weakening of the price still looks strong. In a situation like this, you can immediately close the position to avoid more losses, because prices will continue to fall.
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The Cut Loss principle is in line with Ed Seykota's view. For Ed, protecting trading funds is far more important than just being able to make a profit. Even so, it does not mean that you cannot lose. Even if the loss, try to accept it gracefully and do an evaluation of the trading plan that has been made. But one key, doing Cut Loss faster is better, so that the losses incurred are not getting bigger.
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